9 Ultimate Tips for nomads for Monsoon trip in 2023

Monsoon is here, and so is the season of traveling. Monsoon is a heavenly and fun season. Who doesn’t love to travel in monsoons? The monsoon trip is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite because nature is at its best during this time. The lush green surroundings, thundering storms, ever-so-beautiful roads, breathtaking skies, astonishing scenic views, sipping hot tea, and eating yummy fritters are what everyone wants during this beautiful season.

People urge to explore beautiful destinations during the Monsoon and leave all the stress behind to dwell in the beauty of the earth and breathe its aroma. But, monsoon season comes with its downside. Traveling in Monsoon can be risky in case of improper planning and precautions. It would be best if you had all the monsoon travel essentials to escape any unfortunate happenings.

Here we have curated a list of a few travel tips for Monsoon for you to keep in mind while traveling in Monsoon.

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Checking the weather forecast of your destination

Before planning your monsoon trip, the most important thing is to check the weather forecast. It is advisable to check the current weather conditions of your destination and the future weather predictions 3-5 days prior. Especially if you are traveling to hilly areas, it becomes even more critical. Make sure that your destination is safe to travel to. You don’t want to risk your life on unplanned adventures. Your life is way more worthy than this trip. So it’s best to stay updated.

Carry First Aid and Insects Repellents

It’s not just you, but the insects love monsoons too. When camping, trekking, or hiking, insects are on alert, and you are likely to catch diseases that ruin the fun of your trip. When traveling during Monsoon, it is always precautionary that you carry insect repellents, especially mosquito repellents. Also, you should have a handy first aid kit in case of emergencies and to avoid common illnesses and infections. It would help if you carried medicines for the viral fever and cold, a thermometer, hand sanitizer, Band-Aid, and painkillers in your kit. Before heading for your trip, ensure you have kept all these monsoon travel essentials.

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Carry Synthetic Clothes

It would help if you were very sure about the material of the clothes that you carry. During the Monsoon, synthetic clothes are your best option. Synthetic clothes are one of your monsoon travel essentials. Though synthetic clothes are airy and light, they tend to get dry quickly. They are also more breathable and comfortable for the go. The synthetic fabric will keep you safe and avoid multiple changes if you get wet. Other clothes get damp and even smell when they are packed. Also, avoid wearing tight jeans as they take a long to get dry.

Monsoon Travel Essentials

Things like carrying an umbrella and a raincoat do not need any reminders. However, we often forget the bare essentials in a rush. It is important to bring a sturdy umbrella and a lightweight raincoat. These are the most-used items during the trip. Go for foldable raincoats and simple umbrellas, so they don’t take up a lot of space. It would be best if you carried your rain boots too. And do not forget about your power bank backup.

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Avoid eating and drinking from an unreliable source

Street food during Monsoon looks so tempting. Isn’t it? However, the Monsoon season comes with a lot of infectious diseases. Street foods and water from public places are prone to contamination during the monsoon season, resulting in several germs and waterborne diseases. Contaminated food can upset your tummy and cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and stomach ache. This food increases the chances of you falling sick during the monsoon trip. Therefore, while traveling in Monsoon, keeping a stock of packaged water bottles (boiled water if possible) and ready-to-eat food packets is better. Also, prefer only hygienic restaurants and cafes for food while you travel.

Pack Everything Waterproof

Right from your clothes to bags, luggage, trolley, footwear, and device cover, every monsoon travel essential needs to be waterproof. Synthetic clothes are the best waterproof clothing as they tend to dry quickly. Another important thing not to forget is to carry waterproof and water-repellant shoes for a hassle-free monsoon trip. Make sure that your shoes have a good grip. Cover your gadgets (smartphones, cameras, laptops, smartwatches) so they don’t get damaged. You can cover them by keeping them in a waterproof bag or an airtight zip-lock bag.

Carry a Hair Dryer

If your hair stays wet for a long time, you will likely get cold and fall sick. A Hair Dryer can dry your hair. Apart from hair drying, they can serve as a multipurpose device during your trip. You can dry all your belongings, from clothes to your money, with the hair dryer. You can quickly dry your shoes as well. It is one of the best travel tips for Monsoon you can ever get.

Stay away from Risky Activities

Activities like rock climbing, river rafting, camping, and canyoning can turn out to be risky during the Monsoon soon. It’s better to avoid these activities. However, if you are still keen on doing these activities do it under professional assistance and know about all the risks involved. Remember, safety before everything.

Pack board games

Pack some board games like Snake & Ladder, Monopoly, Ludo, and Cards while traveling in Monsoon. It might sound strange, but trust us, it is one of the fascinating travel tips for Monsoon. These games come to your rescue if you are stuck in your hotel or vehicle due to heavy rainfall and bad weather. You can have a chill session and relieve your childhood with these games.

Rains can be unpredictable, and being prepared is always better. Remember to keep all these tips in your mind before you head on for your trip. And we hope these tips turn out helpful for you. It will keep you safe and make your trip a little hassle-free. Adhere to all these tips and turn your monsoon trip into a fun memory. You can even recommend these tips to someone you know planning a trip this Monsoon.

Have a safe and happy trip!

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