Discovering the Hidden Gems: Fascinating Facts about Delaware

Delaware is such a small and interesting state, rich with history and full of fun. It is a unique place because it goes relatively unnoticed in the United States. It is also known for its thriving economy, small land area, and for its iconic colonial. Delaware is not a huge state.

Delaware means missing out on a place that has somehow maintained its natural beauty while being densely and diversely populated. The famous landmarks of Delaware Thomas Jefferson considered it the jewel of the east coast and he called it a diamond state.

Here are some of the fascinating and fun facts about Delaware that will give you an insight into a rich state.

15 Fascinating facts about Delaware

Fascinating facts about Delaware
Fascinating facts about Delaware

There are so many fascinating facts about Delaware that make it unique and different from other states of the United States. Some of the facts are:-

  1. Delaware is referred to as a “Blue hen state”.
  2. Sales tax is free in Delaware state.
  3. Homes to the Kalmar Nyckel are situated in Delaware.
  4. The lowest state in altitude and countries in Delaware.
  5. The second smallest state is Delaware in the United States.
  6. The Delaware state has more shorelines than the Virgin Islands.
  7. Delaware relied on slavery in its early colonial days.
  8. It was the first state to sign the United States Constitution.
  9. It is a state of record lows.
  10. The World’s pumpkin launching competition was organized in Delaware.
  11. Rehoboth beach in Delaware enjoys the title of “The nation’s summer capital”.
  12. Bicycling is a sport in Delaware state.
  13. Its memorial bridge is the longest twin-span suspension bridge in the world.
  14. The attraction point of Delaware is its beaches.
  15. The Dupont family played a significant role in Delaware state in culture, history, and business.

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05 Historical facts about Delaware

Historical facts about Delaware
Historical facts about Delaware: Image source

The Museum in Delaware is of Natural History. Delaware’s popular recreation areas include Cape Henlopen, Delaware Seashore, Trap Pond State Park, and Rehoboth beach. In 2000, Ruth Ann Minner was elected, becoming Delaware’s first woman governor. In 2008, Joe Bidon became the first Delaware senator elected to the vice presidency of the United States, as well as the first Roman Catholic to hold that office.

Here are some historical facts about Delaware are:

  1. The first state in the United States is Delaware.
  2. The first Europeans to settle were the Swedes in Delaware.
  3. After the name of the river and the bay, the name was given to Delaware.
  4. After the war of the American Revolutionary, Delaware formerly enslaved African-Americans.
  5. Delaware’s Pre-European history was preserved by the Nanticoke tribe of Native Americans.

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05 Cultural facts about Delaware

Cultural facts about Delaware
Cultural facts about Delaware

There is the culture and tradition that Delaware’s people follow and keep for their own. Delaware follows the Christian, Roman Catholics, and Evangelical Protestants composing the largest groups. 

Some of the cultural facts are:

  1. The state with about seven nicknames is Delaware.
  2. Home to the king of reggae Bob Marley was in Delaware.
  3. The state has more corporations than people in Delaware.
  4. The chemical capital of the world is referred to as Wilmington.
  5. There are more chickens found in Delaware.

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05 Fun facts about Delaware

Fun facts about Delaware

Many travelers and locals can attest that Delaware is a historically rich destination. Some history is pretty quirky. 

Here are some fun facts that will change the way you see the state of Delaware.

  1. The last state to receive a National park is Delaware.
  2. The world’s tallest Lego tower, once set records, is in Delaware.
  3. Home to the world’s largest population of horseshoe crabs.
  4. Sweet Goldenrod herb is present in Delaware state.
  5. The Eastern Tiger Swallowtail is the butterfly of Delaware state.

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5. FAQs

  1. What is important in Delaware?
  • Delaware became the first of the 13 original states to ratify the U.S. Constitution and is known by its nicknames.
  1. What’s unique about Delaware?
  • Delaware’s official state name is “The First State.” Delaware is given the first position in congressional votes and national events, such as Presidential Inaugurations.
  1. What makes Delaware popular?
  • Delaware is famous for its beaches that are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and more.
  1. Is Delaware the best place to live?
  • Delaware is a small place state for families looking for a high quality of life in an east coast setting.
  1. What is the culture like in Delaware?
  • Delaware culture is mostly Christian, with Roman Catholics and Evangelical Protestants composing the largest groups.

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