Indonesia Tourist Places: Cost, Stay, Right Time, Indonesia Complete Travel Guide

Indonesia Tourist Places
Indonesia Tourist Places: Image Sources

Indonesia Tourist Places: Are you planning to visit Indonesia? If yes, you are at the correct place. A vast number of people don’t have sufficient knowledge of Indonesia. If you are one of those people, then don’t worry about it. We are here to assist you. Indonesia is one of the most renowned attractions in the world, and it attracts a large number of people.

The continent has versatile things that amaze visitors, such as beaches, mountains, tropical forests, and volcanoes. This article aims to discuss all the factors that a visitor must know before visiting the continent.

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Indonesia Tourist Places Details 

Name of the Continent Indonesia 
Best Time to Visit April to October 
Budget for Visiting IndonesiaApprox. 60,000 for 8 days  
Visiting Places in IndonesiaBali, Jakarta, Nusa Dua, Ijen, Lake Toba, Mount Bromo, Lombok, Bandung, and others
Products Famous in IndonesiaOil, Minerals, Rubber Products, Electrical Appliances 
Famous for Nature and Multiple Attractions 

Indonesia Tourist Places: Places to Visit in Indonesia 

  • Bali: Bali is one of the World’s most famous places, and many people dream of visiting it. The place has a million things to visit, including water temples, traditional dance, a monkey forest, and several hidden beaches. 

“Tanah Lot Temple” is one of the renowned temples in Bali that attracts visitors, and the place is famous for its stunning sunsets. On the other hand, Bali has incredibly empty beaches, including Seminyak and Kuta. 

  • Java: “Mount Bromo” and “Ijen Blue Fire Lake” are well-known places in Java. For instance, “Mount Bromo” is famous for its fantastic Volcanoes with aggressive fog and surrounded by mist. On the other hand, “Ijen Blue Fire Lake” is a dangerous place for underpaid staff, and it has become a tourist attraction. 
  • Batu Batong: Batu Batong is a famous place with plenty of manta rays and dolphins and an amazing underwater world. “HMS Victory” is another popular dive site ideal for scuba diving. 
  • Lombok: The “Gili Islands” is another natural place with crystal water bodies where you can perceive huge-sized turtles. You can also take a short boat ride to get peace for a short time. 
  • The Nusa Islands: In recent years, three places have become famous: Lembongan, Ceningan, and Penida located near Bali. Regarding the island’s attractions, it is one of the largest islands on the continent, with multiple relaxed spots and stunning coves.  
  • Komodo National Park: This is one of the wilderness islands where you can witness Komodo dragons. Moreover, giant lizards are protected in the national park. 
  • Rainforests in Sumatra: Sumatra has been a dream safari for a vast number of individuals. This place satisfies visitors with natural beauty and wild animals like elephants, leopards, tigers, and elephant rhinos. 
  • Sangiran and early man site, Flores: This site is famous for homo floresiensis, which are 3-5 meters tall. 
  • West Papua: “Raja Ampat” in West Papua is considered the “Last Paradise” of the World due to its beauty. If you are one of those who want to spend quality time with your loved ones without any internet or mobile phone usage, this is an appropriate one. 
  • Borneo Forest and Jellyfish Lake: The main attraction of Borneo Forest is wild Orangutans that must be noticed. Moreover, you can stay at “Uncle Tan’s Wildlife Camp,” which offers a stunning night experience in the forest. On the other hand, you can have an extraordinary experience swimming in the water full of colorful jellyfish. It is one of the most unique activities on the continent. 
  • Toraja Land: Toraja Land in Sulawesi is one of the famous islands in Indonesia, and it is a blend of versatile cultures. The place is known for its lavish funeral ceremonies. 
  • Jakarta and the 1000 Islands: A short boat ride from the manic capital of Jakarta can amaze you, and the 1000 islands are the route to visit Maldives. You should take this ride if you want to see undersea tunnel aquariums and water bungalows. 

Things To Do in Indonesia 

 There are a million things to do in Indonesia, including:

  • Walk in the “Komodo National Park”, which allows you to witness multiple types of dragons as it is the “second-richest wildlife” zone in the World. 
  • Volcano in Java belongs to the third position in terms of the World’s active volcanoes. This is one of the most famous climbs a visitor should experience. 
  • If you want to experience the World’s latest megalithic cultures, you must visit Sumba. A unique culture in Sumba is based on ancestral culture, where several laborers see and move giant stones. Moreover, it is the continent’s most developed frontier for visitors. 
  • The traditional “Timber sailing schooners” in the southern Sulawesi are integral to Indonesia. Moreover, it is an integral part of “Humanity’s Cultural Heritage”, which was built by the Burgis and Konjo people. The boats are famous as ‘Phinisi’. You can experience spy orangutans in the forest by sailing in ‘Phinisi.’
  • Last but not least, we must not be forgotten is visiting Danau Toba and the Batak Islands. Danau Toba is the most enormous Crater Lake in the World, and it recorded its name in Guinness Book as “The World’s biggest island on an island.” You can take a Batak house to explore the island, which can amaze you with several natural beauties. 

Where to Stay in the Continent  

If you are worried or confused regarding accommodations, food, and transport don’t worry we are here to assist you. Maya Villas Seminyak in Bali is the first on the list, as it provides you with a personal pool and cooked breakfast. If you want to spend the best time in Bali, it would be winter. 

Seraya Resort Komodo in Flores would be the next one that can give you a paradise-like feeling. The next one would be Tera Ailan Resort in Raja Ampat, another famous place requiring pre-online booking. Karma Reef Gili Islands is a luxurious one that is the perfect escape from Bali. Pulau Ayer 1000 Islands in Java can give you a Maldives feeling. It allows you to stay underwater and chill with superb diving. 

Travel Costs in Indonesia 

  • Accommodations: When it comes to accommodation, it costs approx. 55,700 IDR, which can increase up to 100,000 IDR. It provides food and free WiFi with self-catering facilities. If you are looking for a personal room, it may cost 175,000 IDR, while most hotels require approx. 300,000 IDR for a night. 
  • Food: In Indonesia, you have to spend approximately 10,000 IDR on street foods, snacks, noodles, and other foods. If you want to have your meals in a restaurant, it may cost you 120,000 to 620,000 IDR for a combo meal.  
  • Transportation: Public transportation is only available in some places, such as in Java, public transport does not go. If you take Taxis, you have to pay approx. 7,500 IDR, although it depends on kilometers. A one-way local ticket can cost 5,000 in public transportation, while a taxi costs $ 8,700, and a monthly pass may cost 150,000. 

How to Stay Safe in Indonesia 

Although violent crimes are rare in Indonesia, it always requires precautions and other safety rules. Snatching and losing essential accessories are common everywhere. Credit card fraud is the most common thing in Indonesia, so it would be safe to use cash rather than credit cards if you are a visitor to the continent. 

On the other hand, if you are a solo female who is planning to visit the place, you can be safe. But the main thing to do is avoid leaving drinks in an unattended bar and never go anywhere with doubtful ones. 

Travel Restrictions and Other Requirements 

UK and EU nationals are permitted a free visa exemption that requires a stamp. It allows you to stay in Indonesia for at least 30 days, and you can also purchase a 30-day visa. That Visa is your purchase for 30 days, including everything except points to entry. 

How to Reach Indonesia

The fastest way to reach abroad is by air through which one can reach another country or another continent within a few hours. When it comes to Indonesia you can take flights from multiple cities in India including Mumbai, Bangalore, Amritsar, Chennai, and other cities. 


Here we discussed all the information about Indonesia Tourist Places. Indonesia is one of the World’s great places, famous for its natural beauty. There are more than 11,000 islands in the continent that are must-visit places. You can get forests, seas, and plateaus in the same country. The most famous places include “Bali”, “Jakarta”, “Nusa Dua”, “Ijen”, “Lake Toba”, “Mount Bromo”, “Lombok”, “Bandung”, and others. We have also discussed an estimated cost so visitors can get an idea. 

Indonesia Tourist Places Related FAQs 

How many days are enough to visit Indonesia? 

Ans: If you plan to visit Indonesia, you must stay at least ten days to explore the continent’s beauty. 

What do you need to do before traveling to Indonesia?

Ans: What you need to do to travel to Indonesia you must secure your passport, Visa, accommodations, and other requirements. 

How much is required to travel on the continent?

Ans: You must spend at least $30-$50 per day on the continent, which can go up to $100 daily. One has to spend at least 55,000 Indian rupees to stay seven nights and eight days in Indonesia. 

Do Indians need a Visa to visit Indonesia?

Ans: A visa for Indonesia may cost 1,300, allowing you to visit the continent for six months. 

What is the best time to visit Indonesia?Ans: The best time to visit Indonesia is between April and October. 

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